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    Book in Polish and others

    By 23 December 2013 21:48 Quote
    Hello. Your site about Witold is very nice to read.
    Are you planning to publish in future autobiography in Polish?
    I'm asking, because I'm interested in it. I hope for example, that I find photos of his planes, but also Gładych "Pengie's" maybe.
    I hope some day your father P-47 will appear in game War Thunder, so far only Gładych skin will be there.

    PS. Can I use your photo of your father in Gładych P-47D on War Thunder forum?
    Krys Lanowski
    By Krys Lanowski 01 January 2014 13:54 Quote
    You have my permission to use the photo.
    At present there are only plans for it to be published in the UK and America. It is something I need to investigate getting it translated into Polish, I am sure that it will upset a few people with its contents!!
    I currently game IL2 and have all of his planes skinned to fly in which is great![/code]
    By Lukas 04 August 2014 22:49 Quote
    Excellent website  !!!
    Krys lanowski
    By Krys lanowski 02 December 2016 10:32 Quote
    The book is now available in Poland under the title `Zabierz nas do domu `Lanny'
    John Wellwood
    By John Wellwood 17 January 2017 19:12 Quote
    Dear Krys, I am excited to read your book on your father. After skimming the book, the tragedy of your grandmother causes me to ask why she was never reunited with your father. Is it due to the iron curtain. Thank you so much for your research.